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Name: ABS first aid kit
Item no:  DS-025
Brand: Longs
Weight: 0.00 kg
Size:  41*30*16cm
Item Descriptions:
DS-025 Name Description QTY Item 
Adhesive Bandage&Tapes Adhesive Bandage 40*10mm 20 ABA01
Circular Adhesive Bandage Diameter 22mm 20 ACI01
Square Adhesive Bandage 38*38mm 10 ASQ01
Adhesive Bandage 72*19mm 100 ABA03
Butterfly Adhesive Bandage 40*10mm 20 ABU01
Knuckle Adhesive Bandage 76*38mm 20 AKN01
Fingertip Adhesive Bandage 51*45cm 20 ABU02
Elliptical Adhesive Bandage 116*52mm 5 AEL01
Adhesive Bandage 76*25mm 50 ABA05
Adhesive Bandage 60*19mm 20 ABA02
Bandage First Aid Dressing Bandage,
compress 8*10cm 3 BWD01
First Aid Dressing Bandage,
compress 10*12cm 2 BWD02
Gauze Coforming 
Elastic Bandage
5*400cm 3 BEB01
Gauze Coforming 
Elastic Bandage
7.5*400cm 2 BEB03
Triangular Bandages 129.5*91.5*91.5cm 1 BGT01
Rubber Elasticity Bandage 7.5cm*4.5m 1 BEL02
Crepe Bandage 10cm*4.5m 1 BCB03
Cotton bandage   2 BCT01
Gauze Bandage 5cm*2.5m, 5rolls/pack 1 pack BGB01
Gauze Bandage 7.5cm*2.5m, 5rolls/pack 1 pack BGB02
Dressing Sterile Compress(Burn Dressing) 7.5cm*2.5m, 5rolls/pack 1 DSC01
Sterile Compress(Burn Dressing) 60*80cm 1 DSC02
Sterile Wound Dressings
2"*2" 3 DGP01
Eye pad 5*7.5cm 1 DEP01
Cotton Ball 0.7g  10pc/bag 1bag DEB01
Eye pad with bandage 5*7.5cm 1 DFB01
Finger Bandage   1 DSP01
Styptic Pad 12.5*22.5cm 1 DSP03
Styptic Pad 10*10cm 1 DSP04
Non-Adherent Pad 7.5*10cm 2 DNA02
Non-Adherent Pad 5*7.5cm 2 DNA01
Antiseptics,Topicals Cleansing Wipes 6*8cm 10 SCW02
Alcohol Prep Pad 5*5cm 20 SAP01
BZK Antiseptic Swab 5*5cm 10 SBS01
Alcohol Swab Sticks 2pc/bag 1bag SAS02
Providone-Iodine  Swab Sticks 2pc/bag 1bag SPS02
Providone-Iodine Prep Pad 5*5cm 6 SPP01
Adhesive Plaster Tape 5cm*2.5m 1 TEP05
Misc. First Aid Blanket 160*210cm 1 MEG01
Scissor Metal 19cm in length 1 MSC13
Disposable Gloves PVC Size L 2pair MDG01
Plastic sealable bag 20*30cm 1 MPB03
Plastic sealable bag 14*20cm 1 MPB02
Plastic sealable bag 10*15cm 1 MPB01
Cotton buds 10pcs/bag 1bag MCB01
Splinter Prob   5 MSP02
Tongue Depressor 15cm in length 1 MTD01
Tweezer  Plastic 11 in length 1 MTW04
Adjustable Tournique   1 MTU01
CPR face shield   2 MCM01
Cold&Hot pack 210g 1 MIB03
Bandage Claps    6 MCT01
CPR mask with one-way valve   1 MCM50
Burn Dressing 10*10cm 2 MBG02
Burn Gel   4 MBG01
Suture   1 MST01
Instant Ice Bag 100g 2 MIB01
Eye Irrigation 15ml/tube 10 MEW01
Eye Irrigation 200ml/tube 1 MEW02
Safety Pin 4# 4 MSP04
Safety Pin 3# 6 MSP03
Safety Pin 2# 8 MSP02
Safety Pin 0# 5 MSP01
References First Aid Booklet   1 RGU90
Content List   1 RCL01

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