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Name: eye wash
Item no:  MEW04
Brand: Longs
Weight: 0.04 kg
Size:  30ml
Sterile,fluid, Cleans and flushes the eye
Item Descriptions:
1,Sterile,fluid, commonly saline
2,Cleans and flushes the eye just like natural tears
3,Beneficial to those with sensitive eyes
4,Prolonged usage of the product will cause mild side effects

Eyewash is a fluid, commonly saline, used in the aid of rinsing of the eye. Eyewash may also describe the apparatus used to physically wash the eyes in the case that they may be contaminated by foreign materials or substances.

Eyewashes may be beneficial to those with sensitive
eyes and can provide relief to the painful side effects of sensitivity. However, prolonged usage of such products will cause mild side effects, such as the reddening of the eye and/or pupil and cause itchiness. If such symptoms occur, it is best to see one's family doctor.

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